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What is ZIP Code?

United states postal services has developed ZIP Codes for USA which has helped them to sort out the mails and deliver them in time with efficiency. But what is ZIP Code? ZIP code stands for zone improvement plan which was introduced in 1963. They are numeric representation of addresses.

The 5-digits ZIP code is a representation of set of numbers formed by rules by the postal services. The first digit is the represents the State code, the second and third number represents county and the fourth and fifth digits represent the city code. At you can search zip codes by state, county and cities, everything in one place. Understanding your need, we have come up with USA zip code list which gives you zip codes of your desired location.

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USA postal code

Are you looking for USA postal code? Do you want to send parcel to the address but you don't know what is the postal code of that particular region? Well, we bring you the most easy way to find the zip code of USA. You can get list of US zip codes in matter of seconds by selecting the state, county, city. Zip code of USA are arranged and sorted for easy accessibility and usability. Zip code of your city of interest is just one click away. USA postal code is used by united states postal services to deliver mail efficiently. Zip code is used to sort the mails, which also decides the rates of mails to be delivered.