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Zip Code: 5072

  • City: Strafford
  • County: Orange
  • State: Vermont
  • Information: The zip code for Strafford is 5072. Strafford city is a part of Orange County. This county comes in Vermont state, VT. The latitude and longitude for this place is 43.88308, -72.37878

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Strafford is one of the finest cities in Vermont state and is a part of Orange. There is always a confusion as to what is the zip code of Strafford since it changes from one neighborhood to another. Each Strafford zip code will be unique and will depend on the neighborhood. To find Strafford zip code might be a bit confusing but don't worry about it, we have all the answers to your queries. Not only you will get to know the zip codes, but we also provide you with lat/long of every neighborhood in that city.